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Our Products

Our company’s specialty is the production of defect-free, finger jointed Pine mouldings that are primed, painted, and ready for home installation. Utilizing our region’s abundance of Scandinavian Pine (Pinus Sylvestris), our core product range also includes painted doorjambs & interior boards, finger-jointed components (moulder blanks), and edge-glued boards. Take a closer look at some of our moulding profiles:  

white painted mouldings
Our top-grade, pre-painted mouldings are ready for home installation as soon as they leave our factory. Coated with UV primer and water based finishes, their appearance is truly pristine.
Although we specialize in producing a wide range of finger jointed mouldings with completely finished surfaces, we also offer stain-grade pine mouldings in the same range of dimensions.
Doorjambs & Interior Boards
white painted doorjambs

Like our finger jointed profiled mouldings, our interior door jambs are coated with UV primer and water based finishes to create a pristine look. Profiled from defect-free wooden boards that were created using our efficient finger jointing and edge-gluing processes, our doorjambs are resistant to warping and distortion, resulting in sharp details that are appreciated by homeowners. 

Edge-Glued Boards
edge-glued boards
Using our finger-joint wood optimization and edge-gluing technologies, we are able to produce a wide range of edge-glued boards that are defect-free, and therefore resistant to warping and distortion: traits that make our boards highly stable. Our customers are confident in their ability to craft high-quality end products when using our edge-glued boards. 
Fingerjointed Components
fingerjointed components
fingerjointed pine components

We also offer high-quality finger joint components (moulder blanks) that producers can later mold into whichever profiles they desire. Free of defects, our components are valued for the tightness and precision of their finger joints, which later translate into unblemished end product surfaces. We maintain extremely high quality control standards when producing our finger joint components, as they are the foundation of the end products that we eventually produce.  


In accordance with our commitment to sustainable practices, excess sawdust that is accumulated throughout our production process is later converted into premium briquettes.


By delivering greater quantities of heat (per unit of mass) than logs, our premium briquettes are valued for their practicality, cleanliness, ease of storage, and competitive price. All of our premium briquettes are manufactured using the Ruf Briquetting Systems line of equipment.


Total Moisture Content: 9.8%

Ash Content: 0.34-0.52%

Calorific Value: 17.74-19.08 (GJ/ton)

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