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Our Production Process

A Snapshot of our Product Lifecycle

We combine industry-leading production equipment with efficient manufacturing techniques: the result being a core group of products that has become valued for its high quality at competitive prices.

Most importantly, every member of our team recognizes our relentless commitment to producing the highest-quality products. Close collaboration between our sales and production teams, coupled with targeted purchases from brands such as Weinig, WoodEye, Burkle, Makor, Stenner, Schiele, Brookhuis, Rex, Baltbrand, and RUF, among others, have helped our company remain at the forefront of industry trends. 

wood kiln drying
Kiln Drying

Precise kiln-drying coupled with proper storage & sorting techniques ensure that our wooden boards reach their optimal moisture levels as they enter the production process. Additionally, we utilize moisture meters throughout our production lines in order to identify and remove defective pieces that deviate from targeted moisture levels.     


Our wooden boards are thoroughly pre-planed in order to best prepare their surfaces for scanner optimization. By holding the highest standards of quality at such early stages of the production process, we can secure continuous production flows during later stages.

No production cycle is the same: we utilize a wide range of wooden board sizes and dimensions, always specifically-tailoring the production process according to the desired end product.

weinig wood planing machine
weinig luxscan
Scanning & Optimization

Our scanners ensure that all defects are removed from our wooden boards prior to finger jointing.  In response to the scanner’s readings, cross-cut saws optimize the material, producing clear blanks that are ready for finger-jointing. The productivity benefits of using such technology are vast, with the scanner’s detection accuracy far exceeding that of labor-intensive manual marking practices.    


Shorter blanks are fingerjointed in order to create longer, defect-free components.  We take great pride in our ability to produce these precision fingerjointed components with exceptionally high levels of dimensional stability. Manufacturing high-quality components allows us to eventually profile mouldings and finishings that possess sharp details and pristine surface appearances. Our finger jointed components are also used for the production of wider end-products via an edge-gluing process. 

fingerjointed pine components
painted mouldings
edge-glued boards
painted doorjambs

Before they become beautiful interior  finishings, our finger jointed 

components need to be profiled according to selected moulding designs.

Our moulders are carefully managed by our machine operators and knife specialists, ensuring the attentive cutting of profile grooves with especially sharp details.  

After the mouldings have been quality-checked by our specialized operators, they are ready to be primed and painted.  

To produce wider boards, our components are planed, split, and then edge-glued together using our edge-glue presses. These edge-glued boards are then sawed to the appropriate dimensions in order to optimize the final planing process. Following this final planing process, in which the material is profiled into a mixture of doorjambs and interior boards, it is ready to be painted.   

Moulding Production
Door Jambs and Interior Boards 
Edge-Glued Board Production & Profiling
white painted mouldings
white painted doorjambs

Preparation leads to success: we are able to paint mouldings that look fresh, smooth, and pristine, because of the extensive amount of prep work that is conducted before the first coat of primer is even applied. Rigorous attention to detail during the finger jointing and planing processes facilitates the achievement of truly beautiful painted surfaces. When painting begins, UV primer and water-based finishes are systematically applied, with extensive and repeated quality checks ensuring that our high standards are met.  

Our newest painting line is truly state-of-the-art. By incorporating UV LED curing technology that is specifically tailored for the painting of wider-dimension interior finishings, our company has been able to develop an especially unique, high value-added line of products. Constant quality checks by our painting experts ensure that surfaces are unblemished and smooth.        

wood moulding
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