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Scandinavian Pine

Slow and Steady Wins the Race:

High-Quality End Products Manufactured from

Slow-Growth Scandinavian Pine

Latvia’s cold, northern climate has endowed our region with the highly unique, slow-growth Scandinavian Pine tree

(Scientific Name: Pinus Sylvestris). 

Possessing especially compact growth rings, these trees are notable for their ability to produce stronger, denser wood, with noticeably fewer knots: qualities that are appreciated and recognized at all levels of 

our production process. 

When our wood products finally make it into your home as end products, you can take comfort in knowing that they were made from stronger, more durable, and more stable wood: none other than the slow-growing Scandinavian Pine. 

Scandinavian Pine
"Growth Through Focus" Approach
Our Comparative Advantage

Our company works exclusively with Scandinavian Pine. By directing our focus and resources towards the sole use of this slow-growth wood, we have committed to making our Pine-based interior products exceptionally well.  This "growth through focus" approach allows us to execute our goals swiftly and efficiently, resulting in higher value-added products for our customers.   

With forests covering more than 50% of Latvia's territory, companies like ours have been able to play to our region's strengths, and blossom into leading exporters of wood and wood products. For more detailed information on Latvia’s prosperous forest industry, please visit the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia's webpage:

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