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Preserving Our Environment

Our Commitment to a Long-Term Business Outlook

We have dedicated ourselves to preserving the forests that are so vital to our business by closely monitoring the practices of our suppliers. This will allow us to generate lasting economic growth, in the communities in which we produce and sell our products, over the long-term. 

Promoting Sustainable Practices Throughout the Supply Chain

In Latvia, our resource-rich forests represent an especially important part of our economic and social well-being. Thus, ensuring that these forests continue to maintain their thriving conditions, for present and future generations, is absolutely essential. By only buying lumber from suppliers whose practices comply with Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) and PEFC internationally acknowledged standards of good forestry, we strive to maintain strict compliance with sustainable management practices. We hold not only ourselves, but also others, accountable for their actions.   

Promoting Sustainable Practices at Our Own Firm


We have always striven to preserve the environment by reducing the environmental impact of our business.  

More importantly, we understand that investing to create positive social outcomes does not constitute an opportunity cost in terms of investing to create positive financial outcomes. Derived social and economic benefits, through investment, are not mutually exclusive.  Thus, at our production facility in Allaži, Latvia, we have made targeted investments that have correspondingly enhanced social, as well as financial outcomes. 

Forest Cover of Latvia
Reduced Emissions

In cooperation with the Climate Change Financial Instrument (CCFI) of Latvia, a government financing program that seeks to minimize global climate change, our company has implemented technologies and practices that have improved the energy efficiency of our buildings, and thus reduced greenhouse gas emissions.  Our improved heating and insulation system, for instance, has resultantly reduced the quantity of our carbon dioxide emissions by 266.369 tons per year.  

Latvian Environment
Efficient Use of By-Products

By utilizing the wood and sawdust byproducts from our production process, we continue to strive towards our goal of practicing zero-waste production. Our improved heating system is powered exclusively through the use of wooden byproducts, and our sawdust is converted into briquettes using the RUF Briquetting Systems line of equipment. This produces a clean, natural heating fuel that we sell across Europe. 

Sawdust Briquettes
Kokpārstrāde 98 heating system
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