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Our Location

A Cornerstone of Our Competitive Advantage

Our strategic location within the resource-rich, Northern-European nation of Latvia has enhanced our ability to produce and sell the highest-grade, 

wooden interior-products at the most competitive prices. This, in turn, has allowed us to enter into collaborative partnerships with market leaders throughout Europe, resulting in economic benefits for all groups involved.

High-Quality Raw Material

We play to our region’s strengths: the locally sourced Scandinavian Pine that we utilize for production is ideal for finger jointing because of its low knot content, and high degree of spacing between knots. The result is a cost- effective production line with high rates of throughput yield.  

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Scandinavian Pine: 

Kokpārstrāde 98
Highly Competent Team

Our company is able to recruit from Latvia’s highly competent labor force, much of which has extensive woodworking experience due to forest-related industries having traditionally been a significant sector of the Latvian economy.

And as a key player within the wood products industry, we have been able to consistently take advantage of valuable knowledge spillovers, and thereby drive our firm’s innovation and growth prospects. 

Kokpārstrāde 98 mouldings
Kokpārstrāde 98
Ease of Transport

Here, within Latvia, our location in Allaži is only a one-hour drive (60 Kilometers) from the nation’s capital, Riga. 

Known as the “Pearl of the Baltics”, Riga’s use as an extensive trading and shipping center on the edge of the Baltic Sea makes exporting our high-quality interior products a very simple task.  We also utilize the nearby ports in Ventspils and Liepāja, both of which border the Baltic Sea. 

As you can imagine, our central location within Europe allows us to cheaply and conveniently transport our products either north to Scandinavia, or west to mainland Europe, ultimately lowering prices for our customers. 

Reduced Ecological Footprint

Most importantly, our ability to purchase high-quality, locally sourced lumber from nearby forests, as well as export our products shorter distances due to our central location within Europe, has greatly reduced our emissions from transport and shipping practices. Fortunately, our strategic location has fostered the ongoing success of our company, ultimately allowing us to responsibly manufacture high value-added products for our customers, using economically, environmentally, and socially beneficial practices.

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