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Latvia's Largest Manufacturer of Wooden Mouldings & Decorative Interior Finishings

Kokpārstrāde 98 has grown into Latvia's largest manufacturer of wooden mouldings & decorative interior finishings by combining the highest levels of quality with convenience: we constantly exceed customer expectations by offering pristine end-products that are meticulously primed, painted, and ready for home installation as soon as they leave our factory.



Most importantly, we understand the great amount of effort that homeowners put into improving the beauty and elegance of their homes, and our decorative product range reflects that understanding. We have committed to producing high value-added products, so that homeowners can add lasting value to their own beloved homes. 

Wood Mouldings
Our Core Products

We specialize in the production of defect-free, finger jointed pine mouldings, with a wide range of dimensions, profiles, and finishes to choose from. Our core product range also includes doorjambs & interior boards, finger-jointed components, and edge-glued boards. In accordance with our commitment to zero-waste manufacturing, excess sawdust that is accumulated throughout the production process is converted into premium briquettes for heating applications.   

Scandinavian Pine
Our Commitment to Sustainability

Every aspect of our business operates with an eye towards sustainability. At our production facility, we make targeted investments that correspondingly enhance social, as well as financial outcomes. And as a Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) and PEFC Chain of Custody certified company, we hold our peers accountable by only buying lumber from suppliers whose practices comply with internationally acknowledged standards of good forestry.  

Wood planing machine

Industry-leading production equipment, lean manufacturing techniques, high-quality raw materials, and a highly-competent team allow us to supply exactly what our customers demand, exactly when they demand it: products with especially sharp details, high dimensional stability, and pristine surface appearances. Our consistent success within markets that possess the highest product-quality demands across Europe is no coincidence. 

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